• Anubha Vir Sharma

An Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Bracelet

Designed as a series of three openwork old and baguette-cut diamond and baguette-cut emerald plaques, this bracelet mounted in platinum is joined by old-cut diamond links, *circa 1930.

This bracelet was a part of Christie's Jewels April 26 New York Magnificent Jewels sale. The price realised was USD 118,750, although the estimate was between USD 30,000 - USD 50,000. (

*What does 'Circa' or 'c.' mean? 

Dating a piece of antique jewelry isn’t an exact science, rather a subjective attempt at using history and experience to determine a period of time.  That time frame is flexible and usually includes about 10 years before or after.  So when we say something like:  this bracelet, circa 1930… would mean that the bracelet was likely made between 1920 and 1940.

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